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the best SEO log files

An essential element of technical SEO is figuring out how Google’s bots interpret and scan your page.

You have to make sure that bots see every page or scan regularly enough to find any changes. Additionally, you must also avoid allowing bots to enter spaces where they get trapped.

One of the best methods to see how your website is performing is to review the website’s log files.

A log file is a text file that captures all of a server’s queries, both from people and crawlers, as well as its answers to those requesters.

Why is it necessary for SEOs to examine log files?

  • View and analyze crawled URLs – Identify exactly which URLs Googlebot and other search bots can crawl and analyze the details of when and how frequently.
  • Understand crawl frequency Learn which search bots crawl the most often, how many URLs are crawled each day, and how many bot events there are overall.
  • Search for errors Check for all sorts of responses, broken links, and coding issues that bots obtain when crawling your site.
  • Improve crawl budget Examine your site’s most and least crawled URLs to detect waste and optimize crawl efficiency.
  • Search for orphan pages Enter a list of URLs and use it to see if Googlebot has crawled everything by cross-referencing with log file data and finding unknown or orphan webpages.
  • Identify large and slow-loading pages – Inspect the average bytes downloaded and the time taken to reveal poor performance and large content pages.

Top SEO log file analysis tools

Screaming SEO Log File Analyser enables you to upload log files, check search engine bots, recognize crawled URLs, and examine search bot data and behavior to get essential SEO insight.

Screaming Frog Log File Analyser is one of the best tool for SEO log file analysis

With SEMrush Log File Analyzer, you’ll be able to understand what search engines are doing to your site without needing a ton of experience looking through these manually.

Pricing: Free/Paid

SEMrush Log File Analyzer is one of the best tool for SEO log file analysis

The JetOctopus Log Analyzer is focused on indexability analysis and optimization of the crawling budget.

Pricing: Paid

JetOctopus Log Analyzer is one of the best tool for SEO log file analysis


On crawl Log Analyzer

On crawl Log Analyzer provides a safe means for technical SEO teams to review log files in real-time and guarantee that their pages are crawled and indexed.

Pricing: Paid

Oncrawl Log Analyzer is one of the best tool for SEO log file analysis

SEOlyzer is a real-time page analysis tool with capabilities including page categorization and log analysis.

Pricing: Free/Paid

SEOlyzer is one of the best tool for SEO log file analysis


Splunk is a software platform that allows users to mine, search, analyze, and visualize various data streams from diverse machines. It handles many different functions, including monitoring for information and storing the data in an easily searchable container, allowing for alerts, dashboards, and graphs.

Splunk is one of the best tool for SEO log file analysis

Technical SEO requires log file analysis since it is the only method to truly understand what Googlebot is doing on your site. It’s also a useful tool for determining which areas of your website are effective or not and monitoring your crawl budget.

Google will crawl your site daily and determine the total number of pages it will crawl. This quantity is referred to as the crawl budget. On the whole, this number shifts up and down by a small amount every day. Google crawls a certain number of pages on your site every month, and this quantity is based on your site’s size, health, and amount of inbound links.

Orphan pages are those that aren’t linked to from anywhere else on your website. Web visitors and search engines will be unable to find these pages since there are no links to them.

Wrapping up

To achieve the highest potential results, log analysis must utilize various skills, including technical abilities, search engine optimization skills, and marketing skills.

It would be best to keep log file analysis in mind for the long term because you’ll constantly be working on improving your website, and constant monitoring is a good way to keep everything running smoothly.

Your log files are the only way to see how bots crawl on your sites and how your servers respond to them.

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