Best Link Gap Analysis Tools

best backlink gap tools

Links are critical to search engine rankings. In the eyes of Google, backlinks flex your site’s authority. A backlink is an expression of trust. It’s the equivalent of a public declaration. But good links are hard to obtain. Backlink tools, as a result, employ intelligence and data to indicate where you might locate good links that are a little easier to earn. Where are these locations, though?

What is a backlink gap analysis?

The solution to finding highly relevant pages to get links from is websites that have already linked but not linked to you with your competitors. It works because the websites that link to your competitors have previously shown that they’re interested in the subject.

So a link gap analysis is used to uncover links that your competitors have earned and that you may be able to obtain as well. You’ll have a greater-than-average chance of getting a link if you can demonstrate that your resource is much superior to your competitors.

With a backlink gap tool, you can compare a few competitor’s backlink profiles at once, usually up to five. Finding the backlink gaps help you to find highly relevant pages to get links from. These tools display a table that compares the backlink profiles of competitors.

4 Top link gap analysis tools

You can compare the backlink profiles of 5 to 10 rival websites simultaneously with these backlink gap tools. The process is usually straightforward for each: enter your competitor’s domain URL, and the tools will identify all of the referring domains that are sending links to these sites.


Tool: Backlink Gap Tool

N° of domains: Up to 5

Pricing: 💰💰

With SEMrush's Backlink Gap Tool, you can compare the backlink profiles of up to five competing websites.



Tool: Link Explorer’s Link Intersect

N° of domains: Up to 5

Pricing: 💰💰

With Link Explorer's Link Intersect tool from Moz, you can compare the backlink profiles of up to five competing websites.

Tool: Clique Hunter

N° of domains: Up to 10

Pricing: 💰💰

Clique Hunter is a backlink gap analysis tool.


Tool: Link Intersect

N° of domains: Up to 5

Pricing: 💰💰

With the Link Intersect tool of Ahrefs, you can compare the backlink profiles of up to five competing websites.

Tips for email outreach

Contact the webmasters after you’ve prepared a list of websites from which you’d like to get a backlink. It is essential to plan your strategy. We recommend starting the conversation with an email.

  • Make a list of potential targets. Read amazing information and then build on top of it until your material is unique. Before submitting ideas to lesser-known blogs, read the top blogs to understand what’s popular and distinctive.
  • Make use of your own templates. If you want to scale your email outreach, you’ll need to employ customizable templates.
  • Make your outreach emails more personal. Personalization is essential. It is the single most important distinction between spammers and professionals.
  • Be succinct and specific. The folks you’re contacting are most likely quite busy. As a result, the more clear and detailed your email is, the more likely you will receive a positive answer.
  • Make use of an email outreach tool. You may save a lot of time by using outreach tools. And assist you in scaling.

Wrapping up

Reaching out to influencers and asking them to link to your helpful and authoritative content is the greatest way to establish a good backlink profile.

On the other hand, your competitors are most certainly doing the same thing, but to a much greater level.

Backlink gap analysis can assist you in improving your rankings by presenting you with a list of highly authoritative links that your rivals have, but you do not.


🔥 5000+ sites that link to your competitors but don’t link to you (yet).

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