Brand Monitoring Tools to Convert Unlinked Mentions Into Links

Best Brand Monitoring Tools to Convert Unlinked Mentions Into Backlinks

So much of SEO has evolved over the past several years. However, the importance of high-quality, natural backlinks is unchanged.

The quantity of links in the old-school SEO was our major concern, but we are in an era when quality and relevance are more essential.

Unlinked brand mentions are when your brand is mentioned on a public website, but there is no link back to your website.

Although Google gives weight to the unliked brand mention, links offer far greater SEO value as the first off-page ranking signal.

Therefore, when we notice an unlinked reference, we want to act. And when it comes to unlinked brand mentions, there’s an effective option: to ask for the link.

Given that they’ve already cited your brand, it’s safe to assume that the source authors appreciate your product, service, or viewpoint and want to share it with their audience. This puts you in a good position to ask for the icing on the cake = the backlink 😍

The unlinked mention’s rules

👉 #1 Know advanced search commands inside and out.

It is strongly suggested that you invest time learning how to use advanced operators for this approach and others.

👉 #2 There are more keywords than just the brand itself.

To make your searches work, you must discover other terms that will appear on the page where an unlinked brand mention appears. Think of additional words on the website that could restrict your search apart from the brand name.

👉 #3 Stay away from press releases.

Frequently, news releases are sent by major organizations, they are automatically posted to a website and are not editable.

👉 #4 An apparent tip, but it should be stated: avoid negative marketing.

You don’t want to start the conversation with a blogger who already dislikes your brand. This may get viral seriously, rather than well.

Step 1: Uncover Unlinked Brand Mentions

You might argue it’s easy to say, but difficult to accomplish. It all depends on the approach you choose…


We recommend using unlinked mentions search tools if you want to save time and obtain a more accurate snapshot of your mentions and the individuals or sites who discussed your brand.

It literally only takes one click to find all of your unlinked mentions.


Do the task without using any software; all you need to do is search the internet for everything written about your business.

For the job, you can rely on Google, the all-knowing omnipotent. This would imply using advanced Google search operators to discover your mentions, followed by additional searches to determine whether or not specific mentions are linked.

Good luck with that 😅

Our top software to turn unlinked brand mentions into links

Google Alerts notify you whenever new mentions of certain words or phrases appear on the internet. You create a Google alert for any term, and Google notifies you of any new mentions on a daily, weekly, or real-time basis.

💡 Pro tip: You can use these to find out where your rivals are referenced. Or to check where your name is being discussed. Or even to discover which websites are discussing keywords and subjects connected to your company.

Google alerts is one of the best brand monitoring tools to convert unlinked mentions into links.


Mention allows you to enter the names of your brand, and the names of executives people you want to track, as well as sites and information you want to monitor. When someone mentions the brand, you will receive desktop or mobile notifications as well as emails.

You can also manage your social network profiles from the dashboard, as well as react, like, and do other social activities.

Mention is one of the best brand monitoring tools to convert unlinked mentions Into Links.

SEMrush monitors all online references of your brand as well as other critical niche-specific keywords. It simplifies doing a complete and in-depth examination of all mentions. SEMrush allows you to filter results by source and publication date, making it easy to find the most valuable mentions from credible sites.

The Brand Monitoring score from SEMrush allows you to assess the authority and trustworthiness of websites that have referenced you. This might assist you in determining whether your referring domains are worth obtaining a link from.

SEMrush is one of the best brand monitoring tools to convert unlinked mentions Into Links

BuzzSumo is a fantastic application that allows users to follow popular material that has been published on the internet. If your brand name has more than one search purpose (for example, Ebay, Facebook), you may need to remove phrases linked to other alternative searches to guarantee that the results are more accurate and solely target your brand. To locate certain sorts of material to target, you may also modify the time, country, content category, and word count.

💡 Pro tip: we recommend starting with your business’s name, you may also search for any significant persons (for example, your company’s founder), software, or services that your brand offers specifically to uncover overlooked possibilities for a backlink to your site.

BuzzSumo is one of the best brand monitoring tools to convert unlinked mentions Into Links

Step 2: Reach out to the author of the mention and request a link

Now that you’ve learned how to access all of your brand mentions, it’s time to turn unlinked mentions into links. First of all, look for your reference writers. They are the people that can help you significantly.

You will also have a better chance of receiving not just a high-quality link but also a long-term relationship if you spend time with the writers before writing them or help them with anything.

Added bonus: Advice on outreach

Avoid using the word “backlink.”

When discussing link development with your coworkers, you may always refer to a hyperlink as a link, but for some, the term “link” appears to be associated with spam.  Prefer terms like “mention of our website,” “reference to our website,” or “adding of our web address.” It has been shown to be far more effective than the term “link.”

Provide more details.

When writing the first communication, remind the recipient that if they are not persuaded of relevance in the first round, they may ask you for further details.

Extend the possibility of collaborating with the site.

Popular websites with a lot of authority may be seeking more authors or specialists. Even if they decline your link request, look for alternatives that could result in a link.

Link reclamation is the process of finding brand mentions and converting them into links. This technique should be an essential component of your digital public relations effort. You’ll always be on the lookout for mentions of your brand name or anything linked to your brand, and if there’s no hyperlink, you’ll email the editor or site owner to request one.

Wrapping up

As new possibilities arise all the time, converting unlinked mentions to links is a continuous process. This is particularly true with well-known brands.

So we advise that you regularly follow the method described above.

Having your brand name linked to these sites can help your SEO. To enhance your chances of being mentioned on the internet, be consistent, innovative, and continuously promote your brand.

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